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The time of death given at birth is precise. Some will spend their lives finding a way to be the one that avoids their fate, cutting away at the countdown implanted in the back of their necks. You second guess how you’ll succumb, wracking your brains on how it will end for it to then just end. The slogan, ‘No hiding, no escape, so live life’ but what now? Countdown’s stopped … destiny is beaten.



Being abducted wasn’t as bad as I imagined. My ex-wife said that I’m no use to anyone but here I am being ‘chosen’ by another life form. The light burned my eyes but I soon relaxed and  let the beam take the strain. As I arrived in their loading bay area, the two extraterrestials looked at me and then at each other. One frowned. “I think I’ll do the aiming next time shall I?”


Submitted to http://www.paragraphplanet.com – 75 word story challenge 

Knife and Easy

It was so easy for the knife to slice through. I’d read that would be the case if it had been prepared correctly. I had planned it for a couple of months now and there would be just the one chance to get it right. The blood ran down the edge of the blade and I felt a great satisfaction. Definitely do this again sometime. Our eyes meet. “I think I prefer mine well done, darling”.


Submitted to http://www.paragraphplanet.com in their 75 words exactly story challenge.