It’s nearly as tall as I am now. I’ve had to start it three times now because of Rocky. He’s such a clumsy dog. Everytime someone goes past the window he runs across the room like he’s some kind of super hound but when he’s on my beanbag he’s like a big heavy brick and I can’t move him. Daddy says that I shouldn’t pull him by the collar but he doesn’t come up with any other ways of shifting him.

Chloe says that I should do this up in my room and not in front of the TV but what does she know, she’s just a stupid sister. I think Chloe calls Rocky on purpose just so that he knocks over my tower. That is why my next tower is in front of the television, so she will have to watch it being built. Daddy is always telling me to not put the little pieces in my mouth. I only swallowed a red one once and the doctor in the hospital said that it will work its way out on its own so I don’t know why Daddy is so worried, it’s not like I’d tried to eat a whole house.

This tower has a window halfway up as I thought I’d be kind to Chloe. I told her the tower won’t be in the way now as she can watch telly through the window, so there will be no need for one of her tantrums. Not this time.

Last brick, a green one, and it’s done. Daddy bangs something in the kitchen and Rocky is off like a rocket. There goes my tower! Daddy comes to the lounge door when I cry loud enough and he looks all around.

“Jeremy, clear up all your lego, it’s all over the place!”



Written at Yeovil Creative Writers meeting in a 10 minute timed exercise to write a story about a brick.


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